LOCOMeX Platform Pricing & Plans

Subscription Licensing

The LOCOMeX pricing model is subscription-based and renews automatically monthly. You may cancel at anytime, which ends your subscription at the end of that billing cycle.
LOCOMeX Platform Tier I: Platinum
Per User
Tier II: Gold
Per User
Tier III: Silver
Per User
Tier IV: Bronze
Per User
Tier V: Freemium
Per User
Product/Functionality/Features $159.99/month $84.99/month $47.99/month $19.99/month $0/month
DivedIn – Diversity Planning
& Team Optimizer

(Team Optimizer Only)
Invoice Tracker

B2B2G Marketplace Opportunities
Collaboration Tools
Pre-Bid Intelligent Report
Dashboard, Analytics & Reporting –
Predictive & Competitive Intelligence
Connector & Integration Gateways
RFP Creator
Diverse Spend Compliance Analytics & Reporting

White-label Licensing

The LOCOMeX plan for our White label customer will be managed on an enterprise account basis, with a dedicated customer account manager.

Whitelabel Licensing – Everything the LOCOMeX subscription model has to offer and a dedicated supplier diversity expert to help in program set-up and maintenance.

The following are additional product features & functionalities exclusive for white-label customers:

  • Project Creation & Lifecycle – is one the main features/functionalities for our white-label customer on the platform.
  • Connector & Integration Gateways – Integration with electronic RFP/Bid platform, ERP budget planning software and enterprise risk modelling software.
  • Invoice Tracker – Integration of cloud-based and AI powered invoice to pay tracking tool with ERP/Accounting software will delivers an automation tool with diverse spend predictive intelligence and compliance analytics capabilities for your supplier diversity program.
  • DivedIn (Diversity planning & Team Optimizer) – Integration of cloud-based & AI powered DivedIn with ERP budget planning & strategic sourcing/procurement software will delivers our value-added feature/functionality of de-risking the pre-qualification process and automate goals setting for your supplier diversity program. In addition, we can leverage client data (RFP, Bid, Projects, Budget Plans, etc.) and our collaborative diverse resources planning tool either manually or automatically to significantly improve diverse spend planning.

Any customization and configuration requirements will be determined during customer requirement gathering. There maybe upfront costs involved to implement customization and configuration requirements. For white-label licensing fees and upfront implementation costs, contact our sales team.