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3 Easy Steps to start using LocomeX Tools

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Start Attaining Your Goals

For Suppliers

We match Diverse Suppliers with opportunities they are the best match for and have the best chance of winning. If you are a Supplier/Subcontractor looking to get matched with opportunities you have the best odds of winning , subscibe to our Supplier plan today!

For Prime Vendors

Track your ESG goals, diverse spends and local content compliance requirements, all in one place. If you are a Prime Vendor, or have been one in the past 12 months, our Prime plan is tailored for your needs.

For Enterprises

If you are a professional/practitioner in supplier diversity, ESG, local content, sustainability, or in a related role in the supply chain sector, let our Corporate Pro Plan help you accomplish the job to be done.

Identify diverse suppliers through a sharing of ideas with other companies.
Participate in a mind-mapping exercise to address a real-world problems happening today.
Gain insights and creative approaches through candid discussions to drive innovation.
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