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Core Features of DivedIn

DivedIn is a cloud-based collaborative diversity resource planning & strategic local content sourcing tool that de-risks the pre-qualification process and automates goals setting for supplier diversity and local content (Buy America) programs.

DivedIn assesses your supplier diversity goal targets, benchmarks your supplier diversity performance against those targets, and makes recommendations to strengthen your supply chain & value chain by simulating with various de-risked & pre-qualified suppliers to see the impact on cost efficiency, supplier diversity goals, local content compliance, etc.

Strategic Diversity Resource
Planning Tool

Strategically plan, de-risk, & optimize your Diversity Resource planning initiatives.

Automate Goal Setting for Supplier
Diversity & Local Content Programs
Facilitate automation of your goals setting for supplier diversity and local content (Buy America) programs
De-Risk Your Pre-Qualification

De-risk the pre-qualification process through LOCOMeX’s proprietary Risk Scoring solution.

Local Content Sourcing Tool
(Buy America)

Cloud-based collaborative and strategic local content sourcing tool

AI-Powered Team Optimizer

Our AI-Powered Team Optimizer is the workhorse behind all of our AI-First tools. It is used for the selection and optimization of potential suppliers for matchmaking events, for setting and attaining diversity spend goals, and for ESG scoring optimization at the project level.

DivedIn Overview

DivedIn Overview
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