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LOCOMeX Products

LOCOMeX is designed with AI-powered data-driven solutions enabling users to leverage this cloud-based platform to work towards their ESG, Supplier Diversity and Local Content Compliance goals.

Supplier Pylon

Supplier Pylon leverages AI to adeptly match diverse suppliers with opportunities they have the best odds of winning, enhancing local content (Buy America) compliance and create a sustainable & resilience supply chain. A groundbreaking platform that transforms how you manage supplier engagement & development, supplier risk assessment, and business development opportunities.


DivedIn assesses your supplier diversity goal targets, benchmarks your supplier diversity performance against those targets, and makes recommendations to strengthen your supply chain & value chain by simulating with various de-risked & pre-qualified suppliers to see the impact on cost efficiency, supplier diversity goals, local content compliance, etc.

DivedIn Tier2

Cloud-based and AI powered spend automation & optimization tracking tool with diverse spend predictive intelligence and compliance analytics capabilities for a successful directed diverse spend & Tier 2 supplier diversity program.Taking an "AI-First" approach, we help you plan, track & optimize your Tier-2 diverse spend program using our data-driven diverse spend predictive intelligence tool.

ESG Metrics Solution

LOCOMeX's ESG Metrics Solution consists of our Supplier-Based ESG Risk Scoring Tool and Supplier-Based Sustainability Risk Scoring Tool, along with the only Project-Based ESG Scoring tool on the market that can offer auditable investment-grade ESG & scope 3 emission reporting data that is generated at the project-level within the supply chain & value chain.

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