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LOCOMeX Products

LOCOMeX is designed with AI-powered data-driven solutions enabling users to leverage this cloud-based platform to work towards their ESG, Supplier Diversity and Local Content Compliance goals.

Supplier Portal

A total solution for supplier diversity and local content opportunity/program management with community outreach & engagement features via multiple channels & syndicate through media outlets, and collaboration feature that integrate/connect with MS Team or Zoom for a successful diversity inclusion in the supply chain & local communities.


DivedIn assesses your supplier diversity goal targets, benchmarks your supplier diversity performance against those targets, and makes recommendations to strengthen your supply chain & value chain by simulating with various de-risked & pre-qualified suppliers to see the impact on cost efficiency, supplier diversity goals, local content compliance, etc.

DivedIn Tier2

Cloud-based and AI powered spend automation & optimization tracking tool with diverse spend predictive intelligence and compliance analytics capabilities for a successful directed diverse spend & Tier 2 supplier diversity program.Taking an "AI-First" approach, we help you plan, track & optimize your Tier-2 diverse spend program using our data-driven diverse spend predictive intelligence tool.

ESG Metrics Solution

LOCOMeX's ESG Metrics Solution consists of our Supplier-Based ESG Risk Scoring Tool and Supplier-Based Sustainability Risk Scoring Tool, along with the only Project-Based ESG Scoring tool on the market that can offer auditable investment-grade ESG & scope 3 emission reporting data that is generated at the project-level within the supply chain & value chain.

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