Supplier Pylon I Best Supplier Engagement, Supplier Diversity & Supplier Risk Assessment Software 

The Problem

Businesses face significant challenges in managing supplier diversity goals, engaging suppliers, assessing supplier risks, and ensuring a seamless integration within the supply chain.

The Solution: Supplier Pylon

Supplier Pylon leverages AI to adeptly match diverse suppliers with opportunities they have the best odds of winning, enhancing local content (Buy America) compliance and create a sustainable & resilience supply chain.

A groundbreaking platform that transforms how you manage supplier engagement & development, supplier risk assessment, and business development opportunities.

Why Supplier Pylon?

In the fast-paced world we operate in, managing your supply chain efficiently is more crucial than ever. Supplier Pylon empowers you with an "AI-First" approach, enabling streamlined supplier engagement & development analytics and enhancing your organization's supplier diversity program efficiency and impact.

For SaaS Subscription User
For Enterprise Users

Core Features of Supplier Pylon

Through our "AI-First" approach, we enable streamlined supplier engagement & development analytics and match suppliers with opportunities they have the best odds of winning.

Instantly connects you with suppliers suited to your needs, enhancing success rates.
Team Optimizer
Empowers you with data to build successful teams for your sourcing needs.
(Coming Soon!)
Supplier development solutions to build capacity and capability.
Supplier Risk Scoring Tool
Evaluates suppliers using 10 weighted criteria, enabling smarter, risk-aware decisions.
AI-Powered Matchmaker with Win-Odds
Matches your needs with suppliers’ strengths, increasing success probabilities.
Win-Rate Optimizer

Optimize your project pipeline & opportunity capture rate.
Monitor & track self-certification and diverse certification.

AI-Powered Matchmaker with “Win-Odds”

Don't just get matched to marketplace opportunities, get matched to those that you have the best odds of winning!

Supplier Pylon Overview

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