DivedIn Tier 2 | Supplier Diversity & Spend Management Software

Manage Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Program

cloud-based and AI powered invoice to pay (I2P) automated tracking tool with diverse spend predictive intelligence and compliance analytics capabilities for a successful directed diverse spend & Tier 2 supplier diversity program.

Invoice to payment process
Leverage predictive insight and intelligence on diverse spending and compliance analytics capabilities.
Invoice to payment (I2P) process and allow tier 2 program spending, planning, and forecasting.
Exchange information between project owners and suppliers where they can share invoice’s details including dates and statuses.
Manage invoices from suppliers per project and respond to requests easily.

The following options for received Invoices will be provided in the Project Owner data filling form

Send via e-mail: e-mail with invoice’s link will be sent via Project Owner’s e-mail system that was added. The Invoice can be opened via link from the e-mail.
Integration with accounting system – This option will be active only for “Whitelabel “model when clients will use LOCOMeX as their internal automation tools.