Login To Your Place – A Total Solution for supplier diversity & supply chain localization opportunity and program management.

View of the Diversity Planner for a project called the “CG Global Utility Project”

The Supplier Portal is an entry point for all users of the platform (registered and not registered). A company representative can register his/her company, or login if the company is already registered.

The account summary information shows all the LOCOMeX Platform products & solutions that you have access to; this info shall be displayed on the Supplier Portal Dashboard. The menu displays items according to your access level.

Also, easily view the details of a new RFP / Tenders announcements (from B2B2G Marketplaces) that are linked directly from the dashboard. The “LOCOMeX” platform will be integrated with the “Microsoft Teams” tool, which streamlines communication between potential participants at all project stages; the Project Owner can even create the project seamlessly. The supplier portal is designed to have the following functional areas: 1. Company registration details (including diversity & local content certificates, skills, resources); 2.Best practices (including skills, resources improvement); 3. Personalized best RFP offerings analysis.