NYU students collaborated with LOCOMeX on a Capstone project

NYU students collaborated with LOCOMeX on a Capstone project
Embarking on an academic adventure, five brilliant minds—Aayushi Mantri (Student Project Manager), Chiyan Meng (Student Financial Planner), Danni Liu (Student Marketing Strategist), Stefan Su (Student Developer), Tianyao Hou (Student Tech Analyst)—alongside their guiding force, Faculty Advisor Thomas Mazzone, have united with LOCOMeX for a Capstone Project 2023.
Commencing in September 2023, this project is set to conclude on December 15th, 2023. Throughout this duration, these students will contribute their expertise to the LOCOMeX team by actively participating in the development and launch of the inaugural MVP for our “Project Based ESG Scoring Tool.”
Their primary focus revolves around optimizing supply chain risk through advanced AI and ML models, all aimed at providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients.
These eager minds will also delve into the following areas of innovation:
  1. Investigate the complexities of sentiment analysis algorithms.
  2. Utilize the capabilities of NLP to extract insights and factors from documents.
  3. Create the ability to effortlessly incorporate real-time data inputs, including corporate communications, online reviews, and IoT devices, for continuous project monitoring.
  4. Build an interconnected model that links the project with the current supplier-based ESG tool.
  5. Enforce transparent and uniform standards to streamline the ESG process.
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