For Diverse Suppliers

Is lack of funding insurance & bonding limiting your opportunities? Do you need to form collaborative partnership (JV, teaming, mentor-protégé, etc.) so that your business can expand or scale-up, to capture big dollar contract opportunities?
We have made it easy for project owners to set up Tier II supplier diversity programs and owner-controlled insurance programs by helping them overcome the cost of the “diverse tax” issue. They also have tools to vet and collaborate with suppliers in the pre-bid phase through the DivedIn modules.

Your company will build project teams through a unique tool called the Team Optimizer, as shown on the platform page. Also, through the portal, there are several ways to communicate and collaborate with other companies and project owners.
Are you losing time by logging into different websites and software to manage your procurement opportunities, projects, and supplier diversity program?
Our portal will connect all of those together into 1 login and show your data on 1 platform. We use connectors and integration gateways, including B2B2G marketplaces, to simplify your work day.
Do you have enough information about vendors to hire or partner with confidently?
Our DivedIn module called the Team Optimizer to protect you from under-qualified suppliers. Ramp up your labor support quickly and meet project deadlines.
When inevitable pitfalls occur during a project, is your team cohesive and effective with communications? Do you have an easy way to push the schedule or issue change orders?
The portal provides various forms of communications, from group chat, to 1-on-1 discussions, to video conferencing. The portal is designed to be a collaborative resource tool. The SMART Contract Settlement HUB is your perfect tool for any contract claims & change order resolution.
Can you make quick decisions from your performance data? Does it take a while to collect and analyze your data? Do you have enough relevant and current information to properly forecast?
The dashboard on the portal will display actionable data visualizations, pulled together from all of your data sources. Plus, you can set alerts to warn you when a drop in performance requires your attention.
Are project delays affecting payments or causing negative cash flow issues?
The Invoice Tracker is designed to keep all stakeholders on the same page, when it comes to milestones and billing.
Do you need customized training or a central location for knowledge sharing?
Post training videos or send special announcements to push projects forward.
What happens when a subcontractor or supplier defaults or goes out of business?
The Contract Settlement HUB is your friend. Also, the AI-powered B2B2G Marketplace & DivedIn modules will help you adapt with other resources at your fingertips.
Are you working to align your processes and culture?
We align your tech, end-to-end,  so you can focus on culture and the big picture. Take advantage of AI-powered Big Data Analytics and Reporting.