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Our portal will connect all of those together into 1 login and show your data on 1 platform. We use connectors and integration gateways, including B2B2G marketplaces, to simplify your work day.
The dashboard on the portal will display actionable data visualizations, pulled together from all of your data sources. Plus, you can set alerts to warn you when a drop in performance requires your attention.
Enjoy invoice-to-pay (I2P) tools and diverse spend compliance analytics & reporting functionalities of the Invoice Tracker.
r every product category? Our DivedIn product protects you from under-qualified suppliers and gives you a full-service diversity planner, tied to your SD goals. Send out requests for information and conduct market research to ensure your scope of work will sustain you. When under-served categories become a challenge, the Digital Matchmaker & Outreach module does the heavy lifting,
The portal provides various forms of communications, from group chat, to 1-on-1 discussions, to video conferencing. The portal is designed to be a collaborative resource tool. The SMART Contract Settlement HUB is your perfect tool for any contract claims & change order resolution.
The Divedin-tier-2 is designed to keep all stakeholders on the same page, when it comes to milestones and billing.
Post training videos or send special announcements to push projects forward.
Post training videos or send special announcements to push projects forward.
The Contract Settlement HUB is your friend. Also, the AI-powered B2B2G Marketplace & DivedIn modules will help you adapt with other resources at your fingertips.
We align your tech, end-to-end, so you can focus on culture and the big picture. Take advantage of AI-powered Big Data Analytics and Reporting.
Semi-automated document creation and management tools help you create RFPs. It’s just one of the many tools we provide for the pre-bid process. Then, they can connect to other modules (DivedIn & SMART Contract Settlement HUB) to give you a fully integrated ecosystem that de-risk and reduce cost associated with “diverse tax issues” in your SD program.