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Supplier Pylon

A total solution for supplier diversity and local content opportunity/program management with community outreach & engagement features via multiple channels & syndicate through media outlets, and collaboration feature that integrate/connect with MS Team or Zoom for a successful diversity inclusion in the supply chain & local communities.

Core Features of Supplier Pylon

Through our "AI-First" supplier registration & onboarding approach, we match Diverse Suppliers with opportunities they have the best odds of winning.

Where Diverse Suppliers get matched to opportunities they can win!

Monitor self-certifications & diverse certifications.

Team Optimizer
Our AI-Powered, Data-Driven LOKI Engine is the workhorse behind all our AI-First tools!
Supplier Risk Scoring Tool

Seven weighted risk criteria to assess & match risk profiles.

AI-Powered Matchmaker with Win-Odds
How Diverse Suppliers get matched to opportunities they can win!
Win-Rate Optimizer
(Coming Soon!)
Helping Diverse Supplier improve their risk profile to win more deals!
(Coming Soon!)

Supplier development solution to build Capacity & Capability.

AI-Powered Matchmaker with “Win-Odds”

Don't just get matched to marketplace opportunities, get matched to those that you have the best odds of winning!

Supplier Pylon Overview

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