‘AI and the Future of Work in Africa’ workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

‘AI and the Future of Work in Africa’ workshop in Nairobi, Kenya
Ms. Fauziya Ado Yakasai, Ph.D., Lead Data Scientist at CG Global & LOCOMeX, Inc., actively participated in the “AI and the Future of Work in Africa” workshop held on November 4th, 2023, in Nairobi, Kenya.
Organized by the Africa Oxford Initiative in collaboration with esteemed institutions like the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD, the Center for the Future of Work at the University of Pretoria, IBM Research Africa, Lelapa AI, Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI), and Microsoft East Africa, this gathering brought together eminent thought leaders from across the continent.
During the workshop, Ms. Fauziya excelled in the “Jobs, Labor Markets, and Skills” segment, advocating for the integration of AI education across various sectors.
She sparked discussions on the constructive role of AI as a facilitator rather than a threat to employment, encouraging participants to champion AI education in fields such as business, health, and sports analytics.
In the vibrant discourse on “Africa-centric AI Tools and Platforms,” Ms. Fauziya brought forth thought-provoking inquiries, casting a spotlight on the realms of data privacy and the accessibility of AI tools nurtured locally. Ms. Fauziya also emphasized the essential need for African communities to embrace software and tools developed on the continent, cautioning against excessive reliance on foreign alternatives.
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