Diversity Planner and Team Optimizer

DivedIn is a cloud-based, AI-powered collaborative diversity resource planning & strategic sourcing tool. It de-risks the pre-qualification process and automates goal-setting for supplier diversity program stakeholders.

DivedIn is designed to cover the following functional areas:

  1. Analysis of project history information
  2. Planned project analysis for diverse/non-diverse criteria
  3. Volume analysis from diverse supplier services
  4. Optimization of the project team
  5. Supply chain localization

For Clients

Screenshot of the diversity planner for clients
Screenshot of the Diversity Planner Dashboard

Diversity planner– Clients source suppliers and plan diverse spend through the Diversity Planner.

Request for Information (RFI): Research and tap into supplier expertise to understand the possibilities of a project.

RFP Creator: Quickly build a Request for Proposal (RFP) using the results of your RFI, market research and preset products/services.

For Diverse Suppliers and Non-Diverse Prime Vendors

Screenshot of the Team Optimizer Dashboard
Closer look at the Optimize Team Button with a Progress Bar

Team Optimizer– Diverse suppliers manage resources with the Team Optimizer.

Bid Intelligence Report (BIR): Gather competitive intelligence through RFI, market research, and a history of bids. Suppliers may factor in costs due to the probability of delayed payments.

AI-Powered BAFO Optimizer: When evaluating proposals and selecting a supplier, gauge other factors outside of cost, such as quality, team experience & qualifications, past performance, and proposed duration. Then, the selected preferred bidders can submit their best and final offer using the BAFO Optimizer. Suppliers adjust their bids in real time, based on a percentage of how their price compares to others. This process ensure efficiency and true market price discovery.