Connectors and API-based Integration Gateways

Individual Contractor Profiles

View LinkedIn profile information for individual contractors who have provided their LinkedIn address. Our roadmap includes the ability to display this information in the Pre-bid Report.

  1. Experience
  2. Education
  3. Licenses & Certifications
  4. Skills
  5. Accomplishments
  6. Causes, Languages, Projects

B2B2G Marketplace Integration

The LOCOMeX online platform is designed to be integrated with popular B2B2G marketplaces and existing supplier portals, to source for RFPs/tenders and supplier data.

Examples of API integrations requested:

  1. US Govt Contract Opportunities
  2. NY State Contract Reporter
  3. City of Philadelphia: eContract Philly
  4. B2GNOW
  5. Enterprise Sourcing/Procurement Portal (SAP Ariba, Oracle iSupplier, e-RFP Portals, etc.)
  6. Nigeria Govt – BPP & NCDMB

How does it work? The data gathered from RFP announcements are saved to the database of the LOCOMeX platform. The quantity of the data depends on the site – the source and the capabilities of its API. Data from these sources are updated once a day. The most recent RFP’s (title, date) are listed in your portal, based on the keywords you have selected in your company profile. Click on the link to see RFP details. If the keywords have not been added, then you will see all new RFPs/tenders.