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Access all of your tools, both in-house and 3rd party, in one location.

Client Journey
Pre-Bid >>
  • Portal
  • DivedIn: Diversity Planner
  • RFI/ Market Research
  • Digital Matchmaker & Outreach
  • RFP Creator
Supplier Journey
Pre-Bid >>
  • Portal
  • DivedIn: Team Optimizer
  • Bid Intelligence Report (BIR)
  • AI-powered BAFO Optimizer
Client and Supplier Journey
  • Marketplace &
  • AI-powered BAFO Optimizer
Contract Management
  • Contract Settlement HUB
Project Execution
  • AI-powered Invoice Tracker
Follow-up, Analysis & Reporting
  • AI-powered Data Analytics
Supplier Diversity Program Management

Portal: Login to enter Your Supplier Diversity Place: A Total Solution for SD opportunity & program management.
DivedIn: Clients source suppliers and plan diverse spend through the Diversity Planner. Diverse suppliers manage resources with the Team Optimizer.
Request for Information (RFI): Research and tap into supplier expertise to understand the possibilities of a project.
Bid Intelligence Report (BIR): Gather competitive intelligence through RFI, market research, and a history of bids. Suppliers may factor in costs due to the probability of delayed payments.
RFP Creator: Quickly build a Request for Proposal (RFP) using the results of your RFI, market research and preset products/services.
Marketplace: Manage the RFP lifecycle: Post, exchange & select.
BAFO Optimizer: When evaluating proposals and selecting a supplier, gauge other factors outside of cost, such as quality, team experience & qualifications, past performance, and proposed duration. Then, the selected preferred bidders can submit their best and final offer using the BAFO Optimizer. Suppliers adjust their bids in real time, based on a percentage of how their price compares to others. This process ensure efficiency and true market price discovery.
Contract Settlement HUB: Seal the deal with blockchain supported transactions & digital signatures.
Invoice Tracker: Tether contracts with invoicing through end-to-end documentation & machine learning, to minimize errors. Integrate with 3rd party systems (e.g. Quickbooks, SAP Ariba). How does it work? Suppliers submit invoices. Then, accounts payable receives an e-mail notice for an invoice, and approves or rejects it within “x” days. Reminders are sent thereafter. If rejected, suppliers find out why a payment is delayed.
AI Data Analytics & Reporting: Visualize supplier diversity program KPIs & metrics (periodic & final).
Connector & API-based Integration Gateways: Pull in ALL data sources seamlessly.